Frequently Asked Questions



Hopefully this will help answer most of your queries, if not please feel free to contact us.

Do you offer prints larger than 13 X 19 Inches?

Sorry, that is the largest size our printer will handle.

Where do I find frames for your prints?

There are many sources online, has a great selection. If you are handy with tools you can make your own, has some unique ideas for basic frames. Used frames can be found in thrift stores to give your print that
vintage look, sometimes it is worth buying a damaged used frame just for the glass to make your own.

Will the ink on your prints fade over time?

We use genuine Canon brand ink that is expected to last for 100 years under optimal conditions. It is adviseable to frame the
prints under glass and to hang them in a location where they do not get direct sunlight.

Does the patent belong to to person who's name is on the patent or the company he works for?

The inventor's name at the top of the patent is the person that filed for a patent, if he is applying for a company
there will be a notation that the patent is assigned to that company.

This is why we have decided to issue Combined Prints through Patent Print Art, this way the company name will
be on the print as well as the individual that filed.

John deere tractor patent drwing

Introducing Combined Prints

type sample

On some of the patent drawings the name of the company the patent is assigned to is not always obvious, we have decided to use the first page of the written description as a base printed in lighter type to include this information.

Available from
through The Mendoc Group


Note: Prints ordered from both Patent Print Art and Vintage Internet Patents will be combined to save on the shipping charge.

If I download the complete patent .pdf document can I make my own prints like yours?

Our prints may be a combination of drawings from several pages of the original document, often resized and cleaned up.
The original documents are usually quite messy and more suitable as a source of information.

Can you find and make prints of patents that are not listed on your site?

We are very passionate about finding interesting patents, please do not hesitate to make a request, we will do our best to find it.

Why does it seem so difficult to purchase downloads of the complete patent document?

Our primary business is producing art prints, the downloads are a by-product offered as a source of information. It is actually
quite easy to request a download, just copy and paste the item name and number into the box found at the bottom
of each category page. Once the transaction is completed we will reply with an attached .pdf file ASAP.

What size print should I order?

The four sizes we offer compared to a standard sheet of letter paper.
As you can see even a 10" X 13" print is substantiously larger than a standard sheet of letter paper that most home printers produce.

Why do you have the same print listed on more than one page, it confuses me?

Many of the prints such as those listed on the First, Famous and Unique page also fit into one or more other categories,
so you will find multiple listings. You can always check for duplicates you may have inadvertantly clicked on by
using the button at the top of each page to go to your shopping cart were they can be deleted.

What is the purpose of a Patent Drawing?

A patent drawing is part of the patent document, it illustrates important components of the patent. A patent drawing
will have the patent number, date it was applied for and date issued, one or more illustrations on one or more pages
along with the name and signatures of the witnesses and the inventor.
An important element of a patent is who the patent is assigned to, the actual owner of the patent. This information
is included in the written description and the reason we are now producing combined prints to show the name of the
owner of the patent along with the employee that filed on their behalf.

typical patent drawing