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Steam is a large category so several items have been moved to separate pages

Air and Caloric Engines

Technically not steam engines but have a common history

Ericsson Air Engine (1) 1856

Ericsson Air Engine Patent Drawing

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Ericsson Air Engine (2) 1880

Ericsson Air Engine patent Drawing

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Ericsson Air Engine (3) 1890

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Tuttle Atmospheric Engine 1872

Tuttle Atmospheric Engine Patent Drawing

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Steam Boilers

"At 211 degrees water is hot, at 212 degrees it is steam, that one degree makes all the difference."

Browne Steam Boiler 1882

Browne Steam Boiler

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Klein & Achter Steam Boiler 1885

Klein & Achter Steam Boiler

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Snyder Steam Boiler 1893

Snyder Steam Boiler

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John deere tractor patent drwing

Introducing Combined Prints

type sample

On some of the patent drawings the name of the company the patent is assigned to is not always obvious, we have decided to use the first page of the written description as a base printed in lighter type to include this information.

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Steam Stationary Engines

"I sell here, Sir, what all the world desires to have—POWER."
Matthew Boulton

Henderson Steam Engine 1881

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Hill Steam Engine 1883

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Robbins & Foster Steam Engine 1885

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Kigh Steam Engine 1888

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Robinson Govenor 1880

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Gibson Ebhart Engine 1877

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Kaufholz Steam Engine 1877

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Smith Steam Engine 1883

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Leonard Steam Engine 1889

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Porritt Steam Engine 1898

Porrit Steam Engine

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Strong & Stickney Engine 1870

Strong & Stickney Steam Engine Patent Drawing

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See also:
Toy Steam Engines

Steam Fire Engines

“I have been branded with folly and madness for attempting what the world calls impossibilities."
Richard Trevithick

Cole Fire Engine 1870

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Tarr Fire Engine 1889

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Davol Fire Engine 1873

Davol Fire engine

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Nathan Calendar Design 1883

Nathan Calendar Design

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Fox Fire Pump 1896

Fox Fire engine pump

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Lowry Fire Pump 1727

Lowry Fire engine pump

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Knaust Fire Engine 1875

Knaust fire engine patent drawing

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Steam Whistles

"I drank some boiling water because I wanted to whistle."
Mitch Hedberg

Losch & Harner Steam Whistle 1887

Losch Whistle

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Smith Steam Whistle 1889

Smith Whistle

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Tomlinson Steam Whistle 1889

tomlinson whistle

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"By means of steam on can go from Californis to Japan in eifghteen days."
Townsend Harris

Coldwell Lawn Mower 1902

steam lawn wower

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Power Steering 1893

power steering

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Logging Engine 1882

logging engine

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Steam Automobiles

Steam Powered Automobiles have been moved to Automobile Page

Steam Bicycles & Tricycles

Steam Powered BIcycles and Tricycles have been moved to Motorcycle Page

Steam Locomotives

Moved to a separate page where you will find Locomotives, Rail Cars, Track and Maintainence Equipment.

Steam Rollers

Steam Rollers have been moved to a separate page

Steam Shovels

Steam Shovels have been moved to a separate page

Steam Traction Engines

Steam Traction Engines have been moved to a separate page


See also:
Model Steam Engines

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