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"Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving."
Albert Einstein

1st. Pedal Bicycle 1866

First Pedal Bicycle Patent Drawing

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Perrealux Bicycle 1872

Perrrealux Bicycle Patent Drawing

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Pressey Bicycle 1880

Pressey Bicycle Patent Drawing

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Latta Velocipede 1888

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Handloser Military Bicycle 1896

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Raymond Bicycle 1896

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Reed Bicycle 1890

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Spring Fork Bicycle 1891

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Duryea Velocipede 1890

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Schwinn Bicycle 1939

Schwinn Bicycle

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Hambly Bicycle 1883

Hambly Bicycle patent

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Kennedy Bicycle 1883

Kennedy Bicycle Patent

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Skirt Protector 1898

Bicycle Skirt Protector

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Training Wheels 1898

Training wheel Patent

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Jarvis Recumbent Bicycle 1902

Jarvis Recumbebt Bicycle Patent Drawing

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Sears Roebuck Bicycle 1940

Sears roebuck Bicycle Patent Drawing

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Lord Attachment 1898

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Burbank Bicycle 1900

Burbank Bicycle Patent DRawing

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Mamiya Folding Bicycle 1926

Mamiya Folding Bicycle Patent Drawing

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Shaft Drive Bicycle 1891

Shaft DRive Bicycle Patent DRawing

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Schwinn Tandem Bicycle 1945

Schwinn tandem bicycle

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John deere tractor patent drwing

Introducing Combined Prints

type sample

On some of the patent drawings the name of the company the patent is assigned to is not always obvious, we have decided to use the first page of the written description as a base printed in lighter type to include this information.

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"My daughter's tricycle said "Some Assembly Required." It came in a jar."
Ray Romano

Kempster Velocipede 1887

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Hull & O'Rear Velocipede 1882

Velocipede Patent drawing

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Sachs Tricycle 1883

Sachs Tricycle Patent Drawing

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Skippy Streamline 1934

Skippy Streamline Tricycle Patent Drawing

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Kohler Tricycle 1888

Kohler Tricycle Patent Drawing

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Marble Tricycle 1875

Marble Tricycle Patent drawing

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Colson Rocket (Rear Steering) 1940

Colson Rockey Tricycle Patent Drawing

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"She who succeeds in gaining the mastery of the bicycle will gain the mastery of life".
Susan B. Anthony

Lose Unicycle 1885

Loose Unicycle Patent Drawing

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Tolcher Monocycle 1903

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Rawle Unicycle 1892

Rawle Unicycle Patent Drawing

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Grosse Unicycle 1905

Grosse Unicycle Patent Drawing

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Ward Unicycle 1869

Ward unicycle patent drawing

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Electric and Steam Powered Bicycles Listed on Motorcycle Page

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